Climate Risk and Equity

Future Earth Australia adopted a new focus area —Climate Risk and Equity— in November 2018 with a two-day event held in conjunction with Climate-KIC Australia and the Sydney Environment Institute at the University of Sydney. The theme of the event was Climate Science in Industry: Governance, Standards and Accessibility. The event consisted of presentations from speakers Professor Andy Pitman, Director of the ARC Centre for Excellence in Climate Extremes and Dr Nick Wood, Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub stakeholder group chair. The event also consisted of roundtable discussions on the themes of how is climate science being applied in industry and science and governance: standards, funding and fairness. The day concluded with an invited expert roundtable held under the Chatham House Rule.

A key outcome of the event was the agreement of all involved that a coalition of representatives from government, business and the research sector would be well placed to contribute to such an initiative. 

For more information on our Climate Risk and Equity project, please see the published summaries of our November event below.