Towards an equitable and sustainable Australia

Future Earth Australia is a national platform that connects researchers, governments, industry and society to support sustainability transitions.

Who We Are

Future Earth Australia is a national platform to catalyse, collaborate, and connect research and practice for sustainability transformations. Hosted by the Australian Academy of Science, we are a national node in the global Future Earth network and member organisation to the Belmont Forum. 


Our Impact

We connect Australian researchers, policymakers, industry and community members to implement the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Future Earth Australia's impact is delivered to policy through our 3 national strategies, the Early Career Researcher and Professionals (ECRP) program, and strategic plan. See our 3 national strategies below.


Just adaptation strategy
Our National Strategy for Just Adaptation 2022.
National oceans and coasts strategy
Our Sustainable Oceans and Coasts National Strategy 2021-2030.
Sustainable cities and regions
Our Sustainable Cities and Regions: 2024 Update National Strategy.



Our Purpose

We ensure that the best available science and research underpins sustainability policy and leadership in Australia. 

We connect leading voices in sustainability to produce valued research on key challenges including climate adaptation, sustainable oceans and coasts, and urban sustainability. 

We engage the wider sustainability community at conferences and events, leading and participating in national sustainability conversations.

Our Early Career Researcher and Practitioner Program supports emerging scholars and professionals to better tackle sustainability challenges. 

Global Connections

Future Earth Australia is a national branch of Future Earth, a global sustainability, research, and innovation network.  

Through Future Earth, we connect to world-leading sustainability organisations such as the International Science Council, and other United Nations bodies. We are the current Australian member for the Belmont Forum.  

Future Earth Australia is based at the Australian Academy of Science and funded by top Australian universities and research institutions. We ensure that collaboration is at the heart of all national and global sustainability transitions.  



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Acknowledgement of Country

Future Earth Australia acknowledges and pays respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander First Nations People, Traditional Owners of the Country on which we all reside, and who hold enduring connections to land, waters, seas, and culture. We also acknowledge and pay our respects to Elders past and present, who hold the memories, traditions, cultures and hopes of the Indigenous Peoples of Australia. We celebrate the world’s oldest continuous culture and their ongoing contributions to Australian life, identity, and culture.