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Future Earth is the largest organised group of universities, industry and government in the world working towards achieving global sustainability. We are an inclusive and collaborative organisation that draws on the knowledge of our partners and the strength of our connections to accomplish societal transformation.

Future Earth Australia is a program of the Australian Academy of Science, giving us significant codesign, coproduction and convening power. We use this to bring together key stakeholders and research funders to enable sustainability research, engagement, and innovation with a particular alignment to the Sustainable Development Goals. Our core values are to bring together current and future leaders as we enable societal transformation. This includes a significant investment in early-career researcher and practitioner capacity building for sustainability, and a clear focus on collaborative research impact at the national level. 

To learn more about membership to Future Earth Australia, read our membership flyer.

To talk to us about becoming a sponsor and partner of Future Earth Australia, please contact the FEA director, Dr Tayanah O'Donnell.

Why donate?

The success of Future Earth Australia depends on the commitment and support of our partners, sponsors, and benefactors. Our aim is to advance sustainability in Australia and the region and connect Australian scientists with industry policy and civil society. By helping Future Australia, you are helping Australia to be part of a global interdisciplinary network for the advancement of science and knowledge for saving the planet, global sustainable development and transformations towards sustainability.

Your support will make it possible for us to:

  • Connect knowledge generators with industry, policy and civil society through workshops, research projects, policy briefs and symposiums
  • Link science to sustainability through cross-disciplinary endeavours
  • Foster national, regional, and global partnerships
  • Enable capacity building of early-career practitioners and researchers
  • Demonstrate Australian leadership.

Your contribution to Future Earth Australia will support the delivery of the program in Australia and the Oceania region. Your generous contribution is tax deductible.

Upcoming opportunities

Upcoming opportunities of significance in 2019/20 include:

  • Our successful bid to host the inaugural SRI2020 international sustainability science conference, bringing the Belmont Forum to Australia and enabling talks to increase access by Australian researchers to Belmont Forum research partnerships (
  • The launch of our ‘urban systems transformation: sustainable cities’ national strategy for which our aim is to leverage implementation via our members as delivery partners.
  • The continuation of our Early-Career Researcher and Practitioner Program, which provides a platform for researchers and practitioners from member institutions to come together, share research and forge research collaborations across institutions and disciplines.