Early Career Urban Research Working Group - Strategy Update

On 26 May 2023, RMIT Urban Futures Enabling Impact Platform hosted a workshop for the Future Earth Australia Early Career Urban Research Working Group to review and update Sustainable Cities and Regions: 10 Year Strategy to Enable Urban Systems Transformation.

This 2023 workshop brought together 13 PhD candidates and early career researchers to act as a working group and offer new perspectives on Future Earth Australia's Urban Decadal Strategy, published first in 2019. The group identified the following recommendations to update the strategy:

1. Reassess the current state of play in Australian cities and regions. 

2. Realign the decadal strategy to contemporary values 

3. Redefine urban knowledge and approaches to dissemination 

4. Connect policy to action 


We thank all contributors to this discussion note, listed below, as well as the RMIT Urban Futures Platform which hosted the May 2023 workshop. 

ECR Contributors 

Anwyn Hocking - RMIT

Ashleigh Stokes - RMIT

Benai Pham - University of Sydney 

Chamila Weerathunghe Arachchige - Monash Unversity 

Corey Ferguson - Monash University 

Cristina Hernandez-Stantin - RMIT

Dr. Elisa Casagrande - Swinburne University 

Jillian Conrad - Griffith University 

Lachlan Burke - Monash University 

Dr. Lara Mottee - University of Sydney 

Rachel Walters - Monash University 

Saba Marjani - Monash University 

Dr. Wikke Novalia - Monash University