Oceans and Coasts Strategy at the Coast to Coast Conference



In our ongoing efforts to socialise the Sustainable Oceans and Coasts National Strategy 2021-2030, FEA presented at the 2021 Coast to Coast Conference in Cairns in July. Our team gave two plenary presentations to over 300 conference delegates, including a presentation on the National Strategy and its recommendations. We also held an implementation workshop on the first day of the conference that was well-attended and generated great interest in the National Strategy.

As a result of this socialisation, the conference delegates voted to formally endorse our National Strategy and urged the Australian government to adopt and implement its recommendations.

“The conference delegates were so supportive and enthusiastic about the strategy and its recommendations that they took the initiative themselves to endorse it,” said Emeritus Professor Nick Harvey, co-chair of the Expert Working Group of the strategy.

“Its call to create a national agency, support local grassroots actions, and empower Indigenous leadership has been received and amplified by the coastal community, and we urge the government to take action.”

Delegates to the Coast to Coast Conference represented a diverse cross-section of leading marine and coastal experts, spanning government representatives, natural resource managers, community organisations, First Nations peoples, industry members, researchers and consultants. This biennial conference is organised by the Australian Coastal Society, a not-for-profit organisation that promotes knowledge sharing and action in national coastal management.

We are grateful for the support provided to us by the coastal community at this event, and will continue to work on implementation of the National Strategy. 

Read the strategy to learn more.