Ocean and coastal sustainability: Cross-sectoral consultation for Strategy kicks off across Australia

Consultations across the states and territories has begun this week, to lay the foundations for Future Earth Australia's next 10-Year Strategy on Ocean and Coastal Sustainability. 

Gathering leaders across local and state government, the private sector, community organisations and research, Future Earth Australia has been asking; what is our vision for oceans and coasts in your state and nationally by 2030? Underpinning visioning are further discussions about the major knowledge gaps, how governance and institutions needs to be organised, how communities can be empowered and how we will implement this vision.

These discussions are strategic and pragmatic, looking for opportunities to build on past successes while also defining that which has not worked in the past. Importantly, groups combine their varied experience and expertise to define how the road to be ocean and coastal sustainability can be embarked upon in a collaborative manner.

Discussions have been facilitated by a cohort of early career facilitators from institutions across the Nation, who also contribute their breadth of expertise as researchers and practitioners in science, law, humanities, community engagement, mathematics and more.

The findings from each consultation will be compiled into an Outcomes Paper for each state and territory and will be released by the end of 2020. The scope, process and writing of the Strategy is overseen by an Reference Group of experts from a range of sectors and backgrounds.

Any queries about our Ocean and Coastal Sustainability consultation or 10-Year Strategy can be directed to Dr Taryn Laubenstein at taryn.laubenstein@science.org.au

Thumbnail photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash