A 'hypothetical' on climate change: the science and the law

Hypothetical on climate change

Future Earth Director Dr Tayanah O'Donnell and Research and Policy Officer Dr Taryn Laubenstein attended a symposium jointly hosted by the Australian Academies of Science and Law in Sydney on August 22 in Sydney. The event was a 'hypothetical' on climate change: the science and the law, and consisted of a panel of experts directed to answer questions by Justin Gleeson SC of the New South Wales Bar on the topic of climate change. The speakers included: 

  • Professor Lesley Hughes, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research), Macquarie University
  • Professor David Karoly FAA, Leader of the NESP Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub, based in CSIRO
  • Professor Rosemary Lyster, Professor of Climate and Environmental Law, University of Sydney Law School
  • Professor Jacqueline Peel, Professor of Law, University of Melbourne Law School
  • Professor Will Steffen, Emeritus Professor, Australian National University
  • Professor Erika Techera, Professor of Environmental Law, University of Western Australia Law School.

This event aligned well with Future Earth Australia's initiative on 'Climate risk and equity', and presented an opportunity to network with some of the top minds in the climate change science and law fields.