Climate Adaptation Synthesis released in preparation for 2021 Summit

Future Earth Australia (FEA) established with its members, and in partnership with the University of Sydney and Western Sydney University, a working group to explore and frame the coming decade of adaptation science, innovation and action. This working group is developing a range of materials in support of a National Adaptation Summit, occurring 19–22 April 2021, including this community consultation process. FEA facilitated virtual workshops across the country, inviting a carefully selected group of experts and ensuring diversity of attendees and cross-sectoral representation. 



A full synthesis of these workshops has been released today, available on our website. The paper discusses topics such as:

  • How does the context of the last year, including bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic, frame our discussions of adaptation?
  • What roles should different levels of government play in promoting adaptation?
  • How can institutions support integration across sectors and levels?
  • How can community knowledge be integrated into adaptation work?
  • How can we move towards action, rather than more planning?
  • Why is this type of work so difficult, and how can we overcome these challenges?

To read the full synthesis, click here.