Sustainability Research and Innovation 2020

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We are pleased to announce that the Belmont Forum and Future Earth are launching an innovative global event series focused on Sustainability Research and Innovation (SRI).

SRI will bring together a global community of changemakers, driven by a common goal to accelerate transition to sustainability. The first SRI, in partnership with Future Earth Australia and a local consortium, will be held in Brisbane, Australia from 14-17 June 2020 and it welcomes practitioners, researchers, funders, innovators, thought leaders, policy-makers, and industry partners across the broad spectrum of communities working to solve local to global sustainability challenges. The SRI 2020 congress will be a unique, highly interactive event and will establish a home for global sustainability research. At SRI 2020, the world’s foremost research and innovation communities will share successes, exchange views, and work across disciplines and sectors to support a global transformation to sustainability. Future Earth Australia is bringing the Belmont Forum to our region; enabling talks to increase access by Australian researchers to Belmont Forum research partnerships.

Currently, SRI is accepting submissions for the following four session types: Fora, Training & Workshops, Popcorn Sessions, Alternative Design Sessions. The call for session proposals is open until November 15, 2019.

Once accepted sessions are announced, there will be a subsequent call for abstracts in which you can propose contributions into accepted sessions and open sessions.

There will be a wide variety of ways to attend and participate in SRI2020; whether it be designing a session, presenting, attending as a participant, or volunteering at the venue. Registration will open in January 2020.

Find out more on the SRI website and submit your proposal through the submission portal.